Do you leave soft drinks at the bottom of your bottle too?

Do you leave soft drinks at the bottom of your bottle too?

When I was a kid, my mom always told me, “Don’t drink all of the soft drinks in the bottle. Leave half an inch at the bottom. That’s where any dirt will sink into.”

So I did. Even when I grew up, I carried this habit.

If you got all the drinks I left in bottles throughout my lifetime, I think we can fill up a couple of cases (haha)!

But as I was in eating in a restaurant the other day waiting for a client to arrive, I was observing my bottle. With my now adult and scientifically trained mind, I was able to make some conclusions:

  • Soft drinks are typically manufactured in sterile environments. They should be reasonably clean.
  • When I do sit and drink, I don’t think the time I leave it there is enough to let micro-sized sediments to sink to the middle. I will just juggle them up again anyway!
  • Last, I move the bottle often enough that any dirt (if any) would probably have moved anyway!

Therefore, I concluded, that my plan to leave dirt in the bottle wasn’t really helping that much. If there were any benefits, they were negligible.

I now drink ALL the contents of the bottle. Yes, I like to live dangerously now.

In the way you do business, are there things that you should be looking at if they are still working?

For example, are your forms too long? Do you think they can be shortened because some of the info you require isn’t really needed?

Are you still holding meetings when a simple email or call could have the same effect?

Are you still using disciplinary practices which you inherited from your old bosses with no idea if they are still relevant?

Why not take a good look like I did, and you may find some things worth changing.

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