Employee Discipline & Conduct

Employee Discipline & Conduct

In cooperation with Businessmaker Academy, I’ll be running this Workshop on the following dates:

May 11-12  |  Jul 20-21  |  Sep 14-15  |  Nov 16-17

This will be held at the Businessmaker Training Rooms at Tektite West Tower. To book a slot, you may call Businessmaker Academy at 6874445, 6874645 or 6873416.

Course Highlights:

Most employers in general prefer not to discipline their employees
because it is unpleasant.  Nevertheless, having a disciplinary
policy in the workplace is indispensable.  Discipline is important
because employers expect a certain type of behaviour from their
employees at work.  Employers cannot achieve the goals they set
out if their employees are problematic and cannot be relied upon
to deliver productive outcome.

With this in mind, we are faced with the following questions:

  • How do you set up a system where it is fair, just and legal for
    both employers & employees?
  • What tools or documents are needed to effectively implement
    employee discipline?
  • How do you correct and manage employees in a positive and
    objective manner?
  • What is the legal process for dealing with resignations,
    dismissals and terminations?
  • How do you solve employee problems effectively?


What You Will Learn:

By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:
  • Learn how to establish a culture of Positive Employee
  • Build an employee discipline system that drives excellent
  • Explore best practices in implementing the Labor Code  
  • Manage employee discipline with confidence and grace
  • Explore Common Disciplinary Problems and Best Practices to
    Solve or Avoid Them

Course Highlights:

1.   Basic Essentials of Employee Discipline
2.   Categories of Difficult Employees
3.   Types of People Problems
4.   Overview of Discipline Process
5.   Legal  Perspective of Employee Discipline
6.   Legal Framework
7.   Progressive Approach to Discipline
8.   Legal & HR Process for Resignations, Dismissals & Terminations
9.   Consequence of Illegal Dismissal
10. Preventing Dole Complaints
11. Human Resource Perspective of Discipline
12. Establishing and Administration of the Discipline System

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