About Us


Legal Access Law Offices is an Education-based Law practice in the Philippines. That means that aside from offering legal services, we take the time to orient the client on the basics of the law before we offer legal recommendations. It was established in 2014 by the founding partners who believed that the highest service a lawyer can give their clients is helping them understand the law and thereby help them make better choices.


Our higher intention is to turn legal compliance and protection into a learnable skill for business people and ordinary Filipinos. By taking away the confusion, misunderstanding and fear concerning the law, we hope to give Filipino Family Businesses and SMEs the confidence to take the right actions to make expansion and growth possible for more Filipinos. We also plant the seeds for a fruitful partnership with us serving as their legal counsels.




Atty. Zagala has more than a decade of experience in the practice of law, and has worked in several legal capacities: an NGO worker involved in human rights, an associate in a full service law firm, a government official, a law lecturer and more recently, as the author of 2 books on law.


A graduate of UP College of Law, he is currently the managing partner of Legal Access Law Offices, as well as the founder and head writer for the publishing group, Legal Guide Philippines. In 2015, he published his first book, Notary Not Included: A Guide to the 7 Most Requested Legal Forms, a complete beginners’ guide to legal documents, and in 2018, he published The Complete Employee Discipline System: How to keep your employees in line without getting in trouble with DOLE.


With a deep understanding not only of the law but also of the Filipino peoples’ need to understand them, he believes that part of a lawyer’s duty is to spread awareness and empower the people by educating them. He will simply converse with you, using real-life stories and layman’s terms to illustrate the law, and teach you the important bits before you even realize it!




Atty. Ramirez is a corporate and tax lawyer admitted to the Philippine Bar in 2007.  He has an LLB from the University of the Philippines College of Law. He is a founding partner of Legal Access Law Offices. He was the Tax Manager of the Global Corporate Controllership Group of ICTSI Global.


Prior to ICTSI, Ramon has had almost 8 years of experience as a member of the International Tax Services group of SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co. (SGV or Ernst & Young Philippines).


He has handled a number of engagements ranging from general tax advisory on various corporate transactions, corporate organization and reorganization, inbound tax planning of multinational corporations, securing favorable confirmatory rulings from the tax authorities, estate planning and implementation as well as tax audit investigations.

During his time with SGV, he was chosen to be assigned to Ernst & Young in San Jose, California as a member of the firm’s prestigious Global Exchange Program (GEP).  As a member of the GEP, he was involved in various international tax engagements of the San Jose practice including the planning and implementation phases of a tax efficient supply chain management engagement for a U.S. based integrated circuit manufacturer.